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  • 2017 Saskatchewan Media Directory
  • Benchmark Public Relations
  • PDF - $45.95 (includes taxes)
  • Bounded - $49.95 (includes taxes)
  • NEW Premium Edition - $89.95 (contains one bound copy, one PDF copy and an Excel spreadsheet of all the directory's contacts)
  • Note: $6.00 shipping and handling charge per order

With over 200 listings, the Saskatchewan Media Directory is the most comprehensive of its kind ever compiled of print, radio, television and specialty media in the province. It contains updated contact information, how media outlets prefer to receive news, and advertising information. The directory also includes Aboriginal media to help you target campaigns to these important audiences.

Sample page and order form for the 2017 Saskatchewan Media Directory

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  • 2017 Manitoba Media Directory
  • Benchmark Public Relations
  • PDF - $45.95 (includes taxes)
  • Bounded - $49.95 (includes taxes)
  • NEW Premium Edition - $89.95 (contains one bound copy, one PDF copy and an Excel spreadsheet of all the directory's contacts)
  • Note: $6.00 shipping and handling charge per order

The 2017 Manitoba Media Directory is available in bounded copies or CD-Rom PDF format. With over 200 listings, the directory is the most comprehensive ever compiled of print, radio, television and specialty media in the province. It contains updated contact information, how media outlets prefer to receive news, and advertising information. The directory also includes Aboriginal media to help you target campaigns to these important audiences.

Order form and sample pages for the 2017 Manitoba Media Directory

PST and GST included
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GST exempt


  • Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West
  • By Garrett Wilson, QC
  • 358 pages
  • $24.95 (plus shipping & taxes)
  • Book excerpt

Born in the dust bowl of the Great Depression, Garrett Wilson, Q.C. has been part of many of the significant events that shaped Saskatchewan.

A distinguished lawyer turned award winning historian and best-selling author, he
was active in many of the political events of his time. From J. G. (Jimmy) Gardiner to Premier Ross Thatcher, from Lester Pearson to Pierre Trudeau to Lynda Haverstock, Garrett was involved with them all, working to advance the interests of some and struggling against the policies of others.

Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West is full of astute personal insights, intriguing anecdotes about growing up during the drought and depression of the 1930s and firsthand accounts of political and legal life. Garrett Wilson’s entertaining and intimate portrait of Saskatchewan, its politics and its people imbues a sense of place that speaks to anyone interested in the province.

Garrett Wilson’s previous books are: Deny, Deny, Deny, the best-selling account of the Colin Thatcher murder case, Diefenbaker For The Defence, the former prime minister’s legal career, Guilty Addictions, a novel delving into Saskatchewan’s politics, Frontier Farewell, the award-winning history of pre-settlement on the western plains, and In The Temple of the Rain God, the biography of Mr. Wilson’s father and the farm debt crisis of the 1930’s.

Outlier: Life, Law and Politics in the West is also available online through Google Books and Amazon ( Garrett Wilson will be holding a book reading on Nov. 26, 2016, 2-4 p.m., at The Willow on Wascana in Regina (3000 Wascana Drive). People are encouraged to RSVP to

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  • There's What in my What???
  • Our Toxic Relationship with
  • Personal Care Products
  • By Cherry Staszczak
  • 100 pages
  • $19.99 (plus shipping & taxes)
  • Book excerpt

Formaldehyde? Industrial cleaners? Fire retardants? These are not substances one expects to find in hand lotion or nail polish. Yet, there they are.

Decreased sperm count? Increasing numbers of testicular cancer? Toxins in cord blood of newborns? Not anything one considers when purchasing shampoo, but the potential side effects are there.

GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)? Not a rule one expects to be regulating the personal care products companies. Yet, it is one of the U.S. FDA’s guidelines for the industry. How safe does that make you feel… generally? All these and more are discussed within these covers.

With a light-hearted tone, Cherry Staszczak faces the overwhelming and controversial topic of toxic chemicals in the highly unregulated personal care products industry. Garnering snippets of key information from credible sources, she compiles facts and figures into a manageable form that is easy to read, easy to use and easy to apply to everyday life. Sometimes earnest, sometimes humourous, Cherry offers us ways to get past the rhetoric and find safer, non-toxic options.
Knowledge is power.

There’s What in my What??? can also be found in stores at SaskMade Marketplace (1621 8 St E, Saskatoon) and SaskBooks (324-1831 College Avenue, Regina) or online through Google Books and Amazon ( In Wynyard, the book is being sold at the following locations: Aurora Day Spa (319 Bosworth St), Jillian’s Hair Design (206 6th St E), Jenn’s Perfect Presents (303 Bosworth St), Harold’s Furniture (203 Bosworth St.) and Lamb & Hunter Home Hardware (109 Avenue B East). You can also contact the author directly at to purchase a copy.

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  • Bobby's Lucky Trail
  • By Bob Wiseman
  • 148 pages
  • $25.00 (plus taxes)

In Bobby’s Lucky Trail, I have decided to share the story of my life with the rest of the world. I have had the fortune to experience an epic journey through Canada, the United States and Mexico while serving as a sailor, army paratrooper, pilot, miner, cowboy and naturalist. This story looks back at the most powerful and memorable moments of my life, reflecting on everything from growing up, starting a wilderness ranch, raising a big family and all the trails it took to get there.

Bobby’s Lucky Trail is a look at one man’s life in an age of rapidly changing technology where love and kindness are sometimes lost. While I admit it’s a colorful and entertaining story that describes many dangerous events, I’ve also included mentions about my family life. Raising a family, after all, can be the most difficult and rewarding part of anyone’s life journey.

In a way, Bobby’s Lucky Trail provides a roadmap to the absurdities and challenges that come with aging. Full of self-deprecating humour and nonsense, it will make you laugh out loud and maybe shed a tear or two.


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  • Badge #124
  • Stories from the field: A revealing look at the work of a veteran Animal Protection Officer in Saskatchewan
  • By Janice Howden
  • 130 pages
  • $14.99 (plus taxes)

“Badge #124 is an insightful, true depiction of the life of an Animal Protection Officer in Saskatchewan. It helps the reader understand not only the laws that protect animals but the passion one must have for animals to be able to enforce those laws. Lloyd Howden was a leader, breaking ground for future Animal Protection Officers. His professionalism was evident in the many cases he worked on during his career. As well, his sense of humour is clearly reflected in the stories told in this book. Thank you, Janice, for bringing this book to life.”

Constance Roussel
President, Board of Directors
Saskatchewan SPCA

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  • Prairie Initiation: A War Bride Story
  • By Joan Spencer Olson
  • 248 pages
  • $19.95 (plus taxes)


This award winning novel is based upon an English war bride’s experience as she struggles to adapt to her new life in Canada, following World War II. In this novel, ex-Army Lieutenant, Carl Svenson, returns to his family farm in Saskatchewan with his war bride and second wife, Anne. However, she is not welcomed with open arms by everyone in the family and the community. This resentment and discord creates turmoil both between the couple and within the young bride herself, threatening her health and causing her to question: “The wisdom of linking up for life with a total stranger from a far country.”

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  • The Rawhide Homesteader
  • By Scott Henders

Banished from his hometown after a scandalous affair with a Catholic girl, Joshua McIntyre finds himself on the open prairie, laying claim to a homestead in the middle of nowhere. But after a ploughing accident leaves him injured, he’s forced to take shelter in a cave for the winter, his only company his team of oxen, his faithful sidekick, Zeke, and a mouse named Peanut. Relying on his wits and the teachings of his beloved grandpa to survive the extreme winter conditions, attacks from a marauding pack of wolves, and a loneliness like he’s never known before, Josh discovers that the healing spirit of the prairie might just be the answer for a tortured soul.

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and i think to myself
  • And I Think To Myself
  • By June Mitchell

June Mitchell’s and i think to myself is a virtual autobiography in verse, spanning the poet’s long, eventful life from birth to contemplation of a not-quite-so imminent death. Along the way, there are poems that evoke the exhilaration of childhood and first love, friendship and comfort, poems of loss and discovery, joy
and grief - even the occasional political rant. As Socrates observed, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Mitchell holds a wide array of facets of her own life up to the light, and finds it very much worth living - and celebrating.

To order, please contact June Mitchell at 306-584-5094 or

Benchmark Press at 306-522-9326 or

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A Call To Heal
  • A Call To Heal
  • Ian McWhinney
  • 206 pages
  • $22.95 (plus taxes)

Known around the world as the "Father of Family Medicine", Ian McWhinney was born in England in 1926 into a medical family. In 1968, at the age of 42, he immigrated to Canada to start the country’s first Department of Family Medicine, located at the University of Western Ontario. Through his visionary writings and research, and in collaboration with an exceptional group of colleagues, he was instrumental in transforming family medicine worldwide, advancing it from an unacknowledged subject into an academic discipline with philosophical foundations, a distinct clinical method, and undergraduate and graduate courses. Common themes of Dr. McWhinney’s work include the need for physicians to have great empathy for their patients and the inadequacy of basing clinical research on the scientific method alone. Central to his writings was the idea that the patient should be regarded and treated as an individual and a whole person. This memoir shows the evolution of Dr. McWhinney’s ideas on the role of the family doctor, the nature of the doctor-patient relationship, and the meaning of humanity and goodness.

For multiple orders please contact:

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  • Pulse of International War
  • by Oscar Drumheller Seawell
  • 378 pages
  • $29 (plus taxes)

Detailed, descriptive, in-depth and informative, the Pulse of International War describes and graphically illustrates repetitive international warfare level pulsation patterns. Ancient and recent warfare are scaled to comparable levels through dividing international battle counts by world population. Varying graphs throughout the pages of this work show pulsation over 26 centuries, and numerous tables provide detailed data. Patterns in warfare from the past seven centuries are projected into the 21st Century, as if repeating past history. Possible reasons for the existence of the pulse of international war are also suggested.

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About Jim and Me
  • About Jim and Me — A Love Story
  • by Sally Crooks
  • 164 pages
  • $14.95 (plus taxes)

In this touching autobiography, Sally Crooks recounts her love affair with her husband, Jim. Starting with the last months of her husband’s life, Crooks weaves into her love story the details of how the couple first became acquainted in their home country of Scotland, their journey as a young family to a new country, and how she has recovered from the loss of an irreplaceable friend and lover. The book also features poems written by Crooks while Jim was alive and following his death.

To purchase your copy of About Jim and Me — A Love Story, email

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  • Accidentally on Purpose
  • by Louise Waronek
  • 302 pages
  • $19.95 (plus taxes)

A revealing look at the issues and controversies of grassroots level hockey, including everything from children developing life skills to the thrill of playing for the love of the game to high financial obligations, the dangers of hazing rituals, "crazy" hockey parents, and the sometimes too-strong desire for kids to play in the NHL. It features one Saskatchewan hockey family's experience, and the growth that the father undergoes as he learns from his mistakes from being a too-involved hockey parent to understanding that hockey is a game that should be enjoyed not pursued as a career by pre-teen children, a message that parents of all athletes can understand.

To purchase your copy of Accidentally on Purpose, contact Louise Waronek by phone at (306) 584-9706 or by email at

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An Adoption Alphabet
  • An Adoption Alphabet
  • By Sonya Corbin Dwyer
  • Photographs by Dean Peckford
  • 30 pages
  • $11.95 CDN (plus taxes)

Written for preschool and primary-aged children, An Adoption Alphabet can assist parents, family members, caregivers and educators to establish an atmosphere in which adoption is discussed openly and honestly. The text may also provide a foundation for later elaboration as children get older. Beautiful black and white portraits of children of all ages will engage young listeners and readers.

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An Englishman's Daughter
  • An Englishman’s Daughter
  • by William Wardill
  • 200 pages
  • $14.95 (plus taxes)

An Englishman’s Daughter, William Wardill’s debut novel, is an exciting adventure through history. The book begins with a paleo-Indian hunter, proceeds through two world wars, the prelude to the settlement period, the creation of a hybrid society by people who came from other places, and finally, to a community in danger of losing the railway tracks which have been the reason for its presence on the map of Saskatchewan.

Copies of An Englishman’s Daughter are available by contacting Wardill at (306) 967-2910. Each book is $14.95 plus applicable taxes.

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  • Baggage
  • by Wes Funk
  • 168 pages
  • $18.95 (plus taxes)

Sam Brown is a shy, nineteen-year-old farm kid fresh out of cooking school. Determined to make a life for himself in the city, he lands a job in a downtown Saskatoon diner. There, he meets Slash, the restaurant’s gruff middle-aged cook, and Bliss, an abrasive waitress. As the two men help Bliss struggle with her own demons, they are forced to face the truth of their own unlikely friendship.

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  • Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site:
    An Era Frozen in History
  • Edited by Nicole Williams and Katie Boyce
  • 64 pages
  • $24.95 (plus taxes)

This souvenir booklet outlines the history of the Claybank Brick Plant from its inception, through the height of production during World War II, to its designation as a national historic site. The book provides an in-depth description of the brick making process and a look at the plant’s wages and living conditions. The history of the plant is brought to life with photographs of the site over the years as well as stories from former workers and the families who called the brick plant home.

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The Crocodile Connection
  • The Crocodile Connection
  • by M. C. Conacher
  • 392 pages
  • $12.95 (plus taxes)

Fans of M. C. Conacher’s first novel, Murder on the Maritime Tour, will not be left disappointed with her second work, The Crocodile Connection. Set in a small, fictitious country in Africa, a team of prairie technicians has left Canada to work with the Afrafros people on building and operating a new technical training centre. However, the Canadians are not prepared for some of the bigger challenges that face the Centre and its staff. Malaria outbreaks, marriage breakdowns, disgruntled employees, mounting threats from local chiefs and corrupt politicians, and even a military coup threaten to destroy the Centre’s future and the careers of several Canadians as well.

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  • The Dormouse Princess
  • by Michael McQuarrie
  • 188 pages
  • $24.95 (plus taxes)

Princess Minerva of Dorr is a fiery princess determined to plot her own course in life. Useless lived his entire life in Dorr, studying under the tutelage of his master, Dorr's Chief Alchemist. He believed that he would spend his entire life studying alchemy and eventually take his master's place. Until an assassin walked into the lab one day and asked Useless for a phial of poison. Now on the run from a deadly assassin and a mad sorcerer, Useless and Minerva must join with unexpected allies and venture to places they had never dreamed of to break the princess's curse and stop a madman from making his horrible dream a reality.

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  • Jonah's Daughter
  • by M. C. Conacher
  • 436 pages
  • $16.95 (plus taxes)

While training to become a nurse in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Sedelia Lawson struggles to discover who she is and who she must be in order to achieve happiness in life. Questions of faith, morals and family connections are raised during her journey as a young woman as she uncovers the truth about love, sacrifice and her relationship with God.

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Lady With a Lantern
  • Lady With a Lantern
  • By Kay Parley
  • 208 Pages
  • $19.95 (plus taxes)

Lady With a Lantern highlights a piece of Saskatchewan’s history that has too often been neglected and misunderstood — the Saskatchewan Hospital in Weyburn. As a former psychiatric nurse and patient at the institution, Kay Parley combines journal entries and narrative story to provide an understanding of the creative therapies used at the Saskatchewan Hospital at Weyburn, once named the most improved mental hospital in North America.

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Media Relations Training Guide
  • Media Relations Training Guide
  • By Lynn Gidluck
  • 32 pages
  • $12.95 (includes taxes)

Learn how the media works and how to make it work for you. This 32-page book is filled with helpful tips and advice, from how to dress for an interview to how to make the most of media opportunities. You’ll never have to worry about a media interview again.

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Murder on the Maritime Tour
  • Murder on the Maritime Tour
  • By M. C. Conacher
  • 248 pages
  • $8.95 (plus taxes)

Recently widowed Laura MacLure sets out on a voyage in the Maritimes only to discover that she is caught in the middle of a murder mystery. Surrounded by strangers, an endless number of suspects, and an admiring man whom she is not sure she can trust, Laura must uncover who the killer is before they get away with murder and a family fortune.

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Prairie Pearl 6: The Reunion
  • Prairie Pearl 6: The Reunion
  • by Arleen Brenner
  • 172 pages
  • $12.95 (plus taxes)

The final book in the Prairie Pearl series, Prairie Pearl 6: The Reunion brings together the five heroines of the previous books. Reunited in Pearl to celebrate a special occasion, the five "Pearl Sisters" are now grown-up and reveal how their lives have unfolded, with a surprise ending in store. A novel for young adults, Prairie Pearl 6 continues the series’ tradition of providing home-spun advice and capturing what life was like in the Saskatchewan prairies during the 1920s. This is the third novel for Arleen Brenner through Benchmark Press.

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Prairie Pearl 5: The Story of Betsy Connor
  • Prairie Pearl 5: The Story of Betsy Connor
  • by Arleen Brenner
  • 132 pages
  • $12.95 (plus taxes)

Set on the Saskatchewan prairies in the 1920s, this novel for young adults is the fifth in the Prairie Pearl series and tells the story of Betsy Connor. Life is not easy for Betsy and her family. Constantly on the move because they have no money to pay the rent, Betsy’s family is plagued by alcoholism and abuse. With the help of her friends in Pearl, Saskatchewan, Betsy learns to find hope for the future in spite of the past. This is the second novel for author Arleen Brenner through Benchmark Press.

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Prairie Pearl 4: The Story of Vera Eastman
  • Prairie Pearl 4: The Story of Vera Eastman
  • by Arleen Brenner
  • 176 pages
  • $20.99 (plus taxes)

Return to 1920 and spend some time with Vera Eastman and her friends in the fictitious town of Pearl, Saskatchewan. Learn some of the darkest town secrets as Vera works with Doc. Vera struggles along with her patients as they deal with polio, death in childbirth and physical and mental abuse. She dreams of a knight in shining armour riding into town and taking her away from all this. Will her dream come true?

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Saskatchewan's Lifesavers
  • Saskatchewan’s Lifesavers: Real life rescue stories of true heroes
  • By Pat Rediger and Heather Saylor

This book tells the stories of everyday people who suddenly found themselves facing a crisis situation and the need to act accordingly. Their responses to these situations will inspire you to realize the importance of water safety training and encourage you to take lessons.

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The Saskatchewan Secret: Healers, Diviners and Mystics of the Prairies
  • The Saskatchewan Secret: Folk Healers, Diviners, and Mystics of the Prairies
  • By Jacqueline Moore
  • 216 pages
  • $19.95

This release from Jacqueline Moore is an enchanting look at some of Saskatchewan’s most sought after, but obscure, folk healers. The uplifting non-fiction work covers the stories of thirteen healers who have impacted many lives, and even performed miracles by saving others from often incurable and painful diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. Each of their stories is a unique journey that readers will enjoy taking again and again.

For more information or to order the book, visit

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Surviving and Succeeding in the Ivory Tower
  • Surviving and Succeeding in the Ivory Tower:
    A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Graduate Studies
  • By Sonya Corbin Dwyer

This guide book gives voice to the experience of graduate women, including dealing with issues of time and financial restraints, sexism, a lack of support, and domestic roles and tasks still prescribed by gender. It offers practical suggestions to assist women who are trying to manoeuvre in the narrow gap between family and student life.

Corbin Dwyer is an associate professor of psychology at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Corner Brook campus, where she teaches social psychology, contemporary issues in personality, psychotherapy, and the psychology of women.

To order, please contact Benchmark Press at (306) 522-9326 or

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  • Wonk
  • By Cathy Sali
  • 156 pages
  • $14.95 (plus taxes)

Featuring an innovative and unique drawing style, Wonk by Cathy Sali offers a simple, refreshing and very entertaining look at family life through Sali’s eyes. The book has been a six year work in progress for Sali, who is a wife and mother of three children.

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