Integrated Event Planning

By combining our expertise in communication, public relations and social media we are able to use special events as a tool to leverage your organization’s message. We will work with you to craft the event scope, take care of all event logistics (working with venue, catering, AV, graphic designers, registration), integrate web, social media & PR tactics, work with staff/volunteers, and customize guest experience based on the event goal and objectives.

Our approach

There are plenty of firms and individuals that will tell you they have the experience and qualifications to manage your event, but you need much more than that. You need an agency that understands and appreciates the goals and objectives of your organization. The team you contract should be passionate about the work they do to promote your organization. They must also be able to hit the ground quickly and be a good fit with key staff in your organization. That’s where we come in.

We have organized numerous events from international trade missions to national conferences. Our approach to event planning is to understand your reasons for staging an event. We are not simply a live event organizer; we create experiences that will be remembered for years after they occur. We work on a strategic level with our clients, enabling us to take a partnership approach to events. Our passion is creating unique, effective and memorable events, engaging audiences with innovative solutions. Our team has a broad understanding and expertise in in every area of conference organization and event management, and will work closely as part of your extended office — on-call at all times as needs and opportunities that might not have been initially anticipated arise.

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