CS Writing and Brand Journalism

PostMedia Network Inc.

For more than two decades, we have played a key role in the development of major advertising supplements for the PostMedia Network in Regina and Saskatoon. We work closely with the creative department to identify individuals who should be interviewed to provide support for a particular brand or initiative. Once identified, we create the appropriate questions lines, arrange for the interviews, work with the client on draft copy, and then receive final approvals before publishing.

Through this approach, we served as the contract editor of Inside Green, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Game Day Program; created the Saskatchewan Top 100 List; and have been involved with publications such as You’re Home and Destination Saskatchewan.

Concept Media Ltd.

Concept Media Ltd. is a specialty publication company based in Regina that publishes a variety of magazines and directories. We are pleased to provide editorial support for publications such as the annual South Saskatchewan Vacation Guide.

As part of this project, we meet with the client to review the previous issue and offer suggestions and insight into how the publication can be enhanced for the upcoming year. We also work closely with the advertising department to ensure we have the most current information on attractions and events in the region.

Once the theme has been approved, we conduct on-line research, interview key stakeholders, and develop appropriate sidebars and other information facts. After receiving approvals from those interviewed for the articles, we work closely with our client on page proofs and offer our suggestions on design and ensuring the images are appropriate for the subject material.

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