CS Social Media

Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice

An increasing number of our campaigns are featuring a social media component due to the cost effectiveness and ability to directly target. One such example is the #WhoWIllYouHelpSK campaign we undertook for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice. Although the campaign featured television and cinema advertising, a significant portion of the campaign was devoted to social media. The centrepiece of the campaign was a video that encouraged people to do the right thing when they witnesses harassment taking place.

The number of hits on video advertisement was overwhelmingly positive on both Facebook and YouTube’s websites during the campaign. Overall, the ad generated a total of 699,664 video views on Facebook and 58,934 views on YouTube for a total of 758,598 views, with an additional 158 earned views being recorded on the Ministry of Justice’s YouTube channel. The earned views occurred when someone who viewed the ad either watched a different skgovskjustice video or watched the #WhoWillYouHelpSK ad multiple times. The Facebook post was also shared 3,699 times, receiving 5,281 likes.

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