Benchmark offering Designing Effective Surveys workshop

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018
Time: 10 a.m. to Noon
Location: George Bothwell Library, Southland Mall, 2965 Gordon Rd, Regina, SK

Fee: $100 plus GST



Are you currently conducting or would like to undertake your own surveys?

The introduction of user-friendly survey software and online surveys has changed the way organizations gather information and feedback from customers, employees, members, and the public through surveys. More and more organizations are conducting online membership or client surveys internally (e.g., membership priorities, membership political views, customer satisfaction, client loyalty, employee engagement, among others) instead of using independent research providers.

However, without clear and precise research goals and survey instruments, the data gathered may not be able to respond to the overall research questions and gather misleading information. Survey questions may be asked in a way that limits data analysis and depth of knowledge. Informed decision making is important for business strategy; a well-designed survey is the foundation of good data and in-depth knowledge.

Benchmark Public Relations is offering a seminar that introduces basic steps to consider when preparing to conduct research in-house, led by Dr. Sophie Gaudet, Vice President, Quantitative Research. The seminar reviews the link between research question, survey instrument, and data analysis. By understanding these links, this course supports an understanding of the various decisions and steps involved in crafting and executing a successful survey that will provide useful, insightful data.

This course will offer an overview of survey creation, including considerations and pit-falls to avoid in survey question development. Different approaches and challenges involved in creating survey questions will be reviewed.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To provide an overview of the link between research goals, methodology, survey, and data analysis.
  • To gain a basic understanding of survey and question design, including question logic and structure.
  • To provide an overview on how to create effective survey questions.



About the instructor

Sophie Gaudet holds a PhD in quantitative and social psychology from the University of Ottawa and has more than eight years experience conducting research for the private and public sectors. Sophie has extensive knowledge and research experience in social behavioural research, demography, and commercial market research. She has conducted a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research including program evaluations, segmentation, market share and market product testing studies, as well as employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. She is skilled in the use of surveys with multiple modes of delivery, focus groups, informant interviews, mystery shopping, analysis of large administrative datasets, and literature reviews. She has worked with clients in gaming, government, post-secondary education, municipal, healthcare, and financial services sectors to help them identify their data and research needs and create new research programs to support strategic planning and analytics.

New book release: Spaces to Fill

Through our subsidiary Benchmark Press, we were honoured to work with Saskatchewan author Jack Boan to help bring his book project to life: Spaces to Fill: And a Century To Do It.

In this autobiography, Boan shares the story of his incredible life that has spanned 100 years.

In April 1917, Canadians fought and won the Battle of Vimy Ridge, an event that has come to symbolize Canada’s coming of age as a nation. In December of that same year, on a small farm near Briercrest, Saskatchewan, Jack Boan – the eldest son of Anglo-Scottish immigrants – was born. In many respects, the intervening years have been both Boan’s and Canada’s century, as the man and the nation grew, matured and flourished together.

In World War II, Boan enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force, where his boyhood interest in radios led to training in wireless and surveillance operations and a posting on Vancouver Island. Following the War, the Veteran’s Rehabilitation Act allowed him to attend university and ultimately to attain his doctorate in Agricultural Economics—an opportunity which would have been unthinkable for a farm boy in the pre-War years. Boan met, and married, Jean Campbell, and together they raised a daughter and two sons. In the years that followed, Boan’s career was exceptionally varied. In the 1950s, he worked with the Federal government in Ottawa. In 1960 he was appointed to the Royal Commission on Health Services (better known as theHall Commission), which would be instrumental in establishing Medicare in Canada. From there, he moved on to become a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus, the forerunner of the University of Regina.

He was a popular professor of economics and committed to the liberal arts, academic freedom and collegial decision making. Postretirement, when many people slow down, Boan seemed to accelerate. In the ensuing years, through his interest in health care economics, and later in the plight of refugees, he has touched innumerable lives.

Spaces to Fill: And a Century To Do It retails for $25 and is available online at and through select retailers. A book launch will be taking place at Campion College on Nov. 23 at 2:30 p.m., featuring John Meehan and Vianne Timmons. For more information visit

Giving the NHCP’s brand a makeover

We recently worked with the Northern Healthy Communities Partnership (NHCP) on a rebranding project.

The NHCP is a network of organizations working to improve the health of people in northern Saskatchewan by influencing the conditions in which they live, learn, work and play.

Through this process, we revamped the group’s primary logo and the logos for its various programs. We also created new visual identity standards that the NHCP can use in future marketing materials, along with templates for letters, presentations and reports that adhere to these visual identity standards.

Here is a look at the logo portion of the rebranding project, with the before shots on the right and finished product on the left:

As we discussed in a previous blog post, a brand is truly a company’s corporate image. The stronger the brand, the stronger the public perception of your organization will be. Items such as logos and visual identity standards are important pillars of any brand.

If your company would like helping developing its brand or feel like it’s time for a makeover, contact us today!

New book release: The Regina Indian Industrial School

Through our subsidiary Benchmark Press, we were honoured to work with Saskatchewan author Douglas Stewart to help bring his book project to life: The Regina Indian Industrial School (1891-1910): Historical Overview and Chronological Narrative.

Stewart draws on a wide expanse of archival material to present a history of a relatively large but little-known residential school that operated just outside Regina at the end of the 19th and into the early 20th Century. The book is separated into two parts. The first locates the Regina Indian Industrial School within the wider context of residential schooling in Canada. The second part depicts the manner in which this institution was operated including the interplay among school, government, and church officials, the conditions under which 500 children and youth recruited for the school from Indigenous communities across the prairies were required to live, the impact on students of their experiences at the school and factors that led to the school’s closure in 1910.

“This book is truly an eye opener into Regina’s historical connection to residential schools,” said Pat Rediger, Managing Partner of Benchmark Press. “It’s clear that Stewart has diligently researched this subject. He provides an intimate portrait of the Regina Indian Industrial School while also expanding the scope nationally.”

Stewart is a Professor of Education (emeritus), University of Regina, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in philosophy of education. He is a past-president of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society and a 2012 recipient of the Society’s Distinguished Service Award.

A book launch will be taking place as part of the University of Regina Research Office’s Indigenous Research Day festivities. On Oct. 25, 7-9 p.m. University of Regina Education Auditorium, Room 106.1, Stewart’s book will be launched and there were also be a film screening.

The book is currently available at SaskBooks (324-1831 College Avenue, Regina), Coles-Regina (489 Albert St N), the Benchmark Press online bookstore and

The book has garnered a lot of media attention. The Regina Leader-Post wrote an article following the book’s release: The author also has interviews lined up with John Gormley Live, CBC, MBC (a province wide aboriginal oriented radio network) and Eagle Feather News later this week.

We’ll keep you posted of any new media stories and when the book becomes available through additional retailers.

Helping honour the province’s long-serving employees

Saskatchewan is known for its dedicated public service workers and we were happy to work with the Public Service Commission (PSC) to organize yesterday’s Long Service Recognition Program at the Conexus Arts Centre to honour 25- and 35-year employees.

To effectively pull off this event, it required a lot of preparation. Leading up to the event, one of our main duties was to contact and follow up with the honourees and special guests to make sure they had all the information about the event and confirm if they planned to attend. Using this information, we created name tags and organized the materials the honourees would receive at the event. All the while, we coordinated details with the PSC, printers, florists, venue staff, caterers.

During the event itself, we arrived early in the morning to begin setting up the registration, dignitary, stage and banquet areas. We helped coordinate a number of volunteers that showed up. As honourees and guests arrived and moved from one area to the next, we helped direct traffic and answered any questions they had.

The event ran very smoothly. It was inspiring to see how proud the long-serving employees were to get up on stage and receive their pin.