Global Ventures Winter 2018 edition now available

The winter edition of Global Ventures in now available on-line at

This issue contains a special focus on the professional services membership of the Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP). These companies provide the knowledge, expertise and a thorough understanding of exporting from a Saskatchewan perspective.

Check out great features on:

Saskatoon Berry Council of Canada: Saskatoon berries have been described as one of Canada’s super fruits and many people in Saskatchewan have enjoyed them in pies or as spreads. But did you know that promoting this super fruit to other markets hasn’t been an easy process? That’s where the council comes in and it’s still an ongoing process.

Wellspring Growth Systems: Employees turn to their bosses for leadership, but who do the bosses turn to? For many companies the answer is Jean-Guy LeBlanc’s Saskatoon-based company. LeBlanc, who was been employed in the corporate banking sector in England and completed a business degree at the University of Toronto, uses his knowledge to align leadership teams.

Herb, Spice and Specialty Agriculture Association: This is an association with a unique scope. It represents producers of herbs, spices and specialty agricultural products – which covers a lot of ground. Another unique aspect of the industry is that is focuses less on marketing and more on providing detailed information about production and regulations to its members.

Global Ventures is a great medium to relay timely messaging to the local business community and the network of international contacts that STEP has developed. Articles featured identify STEP members who are making a strong economic impact to the province while the publication offers provincial business leaders, stakeholders, provincial and international media as well as international contacts with timely information pertaining to Saskatchewan exports.

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The magazine is published by Benchmark Public Relations, one of the largest locally-owned publisher of specialty publications in the province. For more information visit

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