New Release from Benchmark Press – The More Things Change: A Case Study to Introduce Information Technology Ethics

The ethical practices surrounding technology is a crucial issue in present-day society. Regina author Donna Lindskog’s new book, The More Things Change: A Case Study to Introduce Information Technology Ethics, explores the issue in-depth through a fictional case study and includes an appendix of questions for discussion. The book is the latest to be released by Saskatchewan publisher Benchmark Press.

The book follows Carol, who’s starting her new job as a programmer at MTS in Winnipeg, Manitoba, along with her two friends Jeremy, and Susan. None of the friends want to use the clunky old keypunch machine that their boss shows them. Soon, however, more urgent problems require Carol’s attention, like preventing some, or all of them from getting involved in a lawsuit.

Why doesn’t Susan feel she needs to give credit where it is due? Can Jeremy find out who hacked into the operator system that supplies emergency phone numbers? What should Carol do about the pressure from management to change private customer data? Ethics has never been on Carol’s radar before, but now she is beginning to see these issues all over the Information Technology department.

“From Facebook to self-driving cars to net neutrality, the application of ethics to the practice of technology is becoming a more critical issue every day. Donna’s book explores this topic in a very personal way that is both suspenseful and nostalgic for those of us who survived the 8-bit ‘80s,” says software engineer Grant Gilchrist.

Lindskog is an Information Systems Professional I.S.P. (ret) with 31 years experience. She specialized in Network Operational Support Systems (OSS) at SaskTel. Her interest in IT ethics crystallized when a member of the public came to her after she was awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award in Technology in 2003 and asked “How can I tell which computer people I can trust?” She blogs about it at IT World Canada.

The More Things Change: A Case Study to Introduce Information Technology Ethics retails for $20.00 at and is also available online through Amazon at

The book will be officially launched at a public event on Saturday, Sept. 22 at the Sweet Bakery and Coffee House in Regina (2445 Broad Street) starting at 2 p.m.

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