2018 Manitoba Media Directory now on sale

Benchmark is pleased to announce that the 2018 Manitoba Media Directory is available for purchase: http://benchmarkpr.ca/media-directories/

A key to any media relations campaign is distribution. Once you’ve crafted your key messages and created the media release/other promotional materials, you need to ensure that the copy is reaching the right media outlets to generate widespread coverage.

That’s where the Manitoba Media Directory comes into play. This annual publication contains a detailed listing of all the media outlets in the province, from daily newspapers to radio broadcasters and TV stations with large reaches. However, not every story is necessarily a mainstream topic. Through our Specialty Publications section, you will find a detailed list of magazines, newsletters and e-blasts spread across a variety of sectors such as agriculture, culture and history.

The Manitoba Media Directory is available in Bound and electronic PDF formats. Our popular Premium Edition includes a Bound and PDF copy and an Excel spreadsheet with all of the key contact info for easy navigating. Subscriptions are also available so you can receive the newest edition once it comes out each year.

For more info and purchasing options, visit http://benchmarkpr.ca/media-directories/.


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