Pitching a boutique wedding show as an expert media source

These days, love is in the air at Benchmark Public Relations. Our team is handling the media relations for boutique wedding fair Local Love as organizers prepare for shows in Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

Hundreds of brides and bridal parties attend these annual events to learn about new wedding trends and connect with independent wedding suppliers. Dozens of vendors on location offer inspiration for engaged couples to make their dream wedding a reality.

We began the process by creating and distributing advisories to media contacts across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. As the publishers of the Saskatchewan and Manitoba media directories, we maintain an extensive list of media contacts that’s regularly updated.

As with all our media relations’ efforts at Benchmark, we are going beyond just sending out a media release. We have begun a targeted follow-up process, creating a list of media contacts that are most likely to have an interest in the story and then reaching out to their key contacts directly.

It can be difficult pitching pre-event coverage to the media when the event is not hosted by a non-profit and is not supporting a charitable cause, unless you’re willing to spend money advertising. Our client is operating under a tight budget, so we’ve been forced to get creative to generate coverage.

Instead of directly asking the media to provide coverage of the event, we have offered our services as experts on new wedding trends, from food to venues to dress styles. With experienced organizers and a wide range of creative vendors, we have proposed that our experts share their knowledge on morning show segments, during on-location interviews and through radio hits. We’re effectively telling the media how we can help them and not just asking for free publicity.

At Benchmark, media relations is the centrepiece of our business. We will make sure your story is delivered in the right way, to the right people, via the right media medium. For more information, check out our Media Relations page.

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