Helping honour the province’s long-serving employees

Saskatchewan is known for its dedicated public service workers and we were happy to work with the Public Service Commission (PSC) to organize yesterday’s Long Service Recognition Program at the Conexus Arts Centre to honour 25- and 35-year employees.

To effectively pull off this event, it required a lot of preparation. Leading up to the event, one of our main duties was to contact and follow up with the honourees and special guests to make sure they had all the information about the event and confirm if they planned to attend. Using this information, we created name tags and organized the materials the honourees would receive at the event. All the while, we coordinated details with the PSC, printers, florists, venue staff, caterers.

During the event itself, we arrived early in the morning to begin setting up the registration, dignitary, stage and banquet areas. We helped coordinate a number of volunteers that showed up. As honourees and guests arrived and moved from one area to the next, we helped direct traffic and answered any questions they had.

The event ran very smoothly. It was inspiring to see how proud the long-serving employees were to get up on stage and receive their pin.

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